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Circle Work: Intuitive Technology

A Circle Leaders Guide


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Wild Voice Classes

Tigress Circle





The circle is a microcosm of the larger body

of humanity, and we can illuminate and

transform streams and themes for the benefit of

all. This is a  moving Tonglen meditation,

where we breathe in and step directly into 

the shadow aspects of the world, and move them to a 

new place from which we breathe out clean

energy for creativity and love.



This is a movement mandala. The primary modality is movement rather than verbal process or information 

analysis. You will move through a series of guided excercises, sometimes as a circle, at times on your own or

in a pair or triad. You will move in response to questions, or prompts, related to aspects of your personal,

community, global, or cosmic experience. The purpose is to own aspects of the collective experience and move

them to transform. This will require your willingness to move many aspects of the whole, not just those within

your comfort zone. We will then be sending energy to all aspects of the situation, for use as needed.